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Compass Classical Academy – Chartered Public School (CCA) believes that all students, regardless of socio-economic background or academic competence, benefit from a rigorous, content rich, educational program that develops academic potential and personal character. We believe students will achieve their best potential when taught foundational skills and challenged by high expectations.

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Children learn by building on what they already know. Therefore, it is important for them to begin building foundations of knowledge in the early grades. By specifying the knowledge that all children should share, one can achieve equal access to that knowledge. Thus all students, including those considered at risk, are exposed to a coherent core of challenging, interesting, interwoven knowledge when taught a content based curriculum. Unique to our approach is the combining of the classical, liberal arts tradition with cutting edge, researched based programs, each of which involves an organized and sequential continuum of learning.

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Our mission:

  • To provide a safe learning environment designed to instill integrity, good citizenship, compassion and confidence in each child.
  • To promote a caring community of students, highly trained educators and administrators, and involved parents.
  • To provide a high-quality education that is thought-provoking, coherent, meaningful and engaging.

We believe that having involved parents and students is essential to reaching our goal. The comprehensive and challenging education provided at CCA necessitates active parental support throughout the school year. We strongly encourage parents to remain informed about the academic endeavors of their children and maintain open communication with teachers and administrators.

Students who graduate from Compass Classical Academy – Chartered Public School will be prepared to further their education in a four year college, a two year community college or a trade school, to serve in the military or immediately enter the workforce. We offer students a liberal arts education that will prepare them to make choices for their futures based on their personal interests and abilities and not restricted by their educational history.

We believe that all students- regardless of their socio- economic background or academic competence- benefit from a rigorous, content-rich, educational program that develops academic potential and personal character.

What some of our student’s parents are saying…

Both of my boys love their school. They have loved all of their teachers, and they look forward to school each day.
Great school! Great teachers!

The best learning environment for my child and the safest environment for my child.
Great charter school that focuses on classic education curriculum.