Compass Classical Academy – Chartered Public School

“Guiding our students to excellence.”

Compass Classical Academy – Chartered Public School

“Guiding our students to excellence.”

Remote Learning

When a student is remote learning, they will still have the same expectations as an in person learner.

There will be a camera and microphone set up so that remote students can easily hear and see their teacher.

During the times of direct instruction, the student will be expected to be online, with their camera on, and participating. They will have a classroom schedule sent out by the teacher to follow.

Parents of students that are remote learning will need to review the remote truancy policy and sign the remote equipment agreement if a chrome book is being provided by the school.

Students should have a clean organized space in which to work that is free from distractions. Parents and teachers should check in to make sure their student is not falling behind. Students are expected to turn in all work as directed by the teacher.

Teachers will communicate regularly with the parents and students. Teachers will have business hours to respond to parent inquiries.

Teachers will provide clear guidelines and expectations. This may include a syllabus, assignments and due dates will all be on the parent portal.

We will have student assessments on computer which your student will be responsible for doing at home.

The remote truancy policy is as follows:

Addendum to Truancy Policy to include Truancy During the Time of Remote Instruction

Attendance and absenteeism and truancy

Attendance is defined by a daily presence online during times the classes are meeting. Daily engagement is required. This may might be deemed achieved when a student completes and submits the weekly assignment. This will be on a case by case basis with the classroom teacher and director’s approval of
the plan.

Absenteeism is defined by lack of presence during the time online classes are meeting if a parent has not called or emailed the school that the student will not be in attendance that day, it will be considered an unexcused absence.

Truancy per RSA 189;35-a is when a student has had 20 half days of un-excused absences in one school year. A half day absence is defined as missing up to half the total minutes of a school day.

Once a student has failed to engage in remote instruction and recorded absent in accordance with CCA’s attendance policy, the following steps will be used to attempt to rectify the situation.

The school will phone the students family and send an email.

If there is no response within 24 hours, the school will send a certified letter.

If there is no response again, the school will request local law enforcement to do a welfare check at the student’s home. The school has an obligation to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect (including educational neglect) to the state per RSA 169-C;29.

CCA will adopt the guidance from DCYF published April 2020 to report a concern when “The child is frequently missing school (and the school has exhausted every reasonable effort to address barriers to learning and support the family. Ie: helping with internet access, calling emergency contacts or

Adopted 7/7 2020

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