Compass Classical Academy – Chartered Public School

“Guiding our students to excellence.”

Compass Classical Academy – Chartered Public School

“Guiding our students to excellence.”

School Opening

At Compass Classical Academy – Chartered Public School (CCA) the health and safety of our students is our #1 priority. Our protocols are based on the current NH DHHS, CDC and DOE guidelines. The nurse has final decision making in all health-related matters.

Access to Building
  • Only staff and students are allowed in the building.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to enter the building. There will be no dropping off forgotten items or work.
Staff Protocols (To Enter the Building)
  • Google Form completed at home.
  • Temperature will be taken. If 100 or higher will be sent home.
  • All staff must have masks or face shields on.
Student Protocols (To Enter the Building)
  • Google Form completed at home by parent/guardian.
  • Temperature will be taken prior to entering. If 100.4 or higher, student will be sent home.
  • If student is not feeling well, stay home.
  • Masks are required to enter the building.
  • If parents refuse to have their child wear a mask, they can use the remote option.
  • Possible exclusions: legitimate health concerns, IEP/504 plan component.
Groups that should stay home:
  • Unexplained mild symptoms.
  • Close contact with suspected/confirmed COVID-19.
  • Traveled outside New England within 14 days prior to coming to school.

Note: If a student or staff member has been absent for COVID-19 symptoms, medical documentation will be required prior to return to school.

  • Masks must be worn while entering and exiting the building.
  • Masks must be worn while in common areas of the school.
  • Masks must be worn in the classrooms social distancing is not available or there are no barriers in place; Face shields may be used at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Where there are barriers or social distancing, students do not need to wear their mask while seated at their desk.
  • Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for physical/mental health conditions. We will work to limit the time when K – 2 students will have to wear masks. The nurse has final decision making in all health-related matters.
  • Mask graphics and wording must be school-appropriate.
  • If you forget your mask, a limited number of disposable masks are available.
Refusal to Wear Masks
  • If a student refuses to wear their mask after being asked to by an adult, that is considered a refusal and the office should be contacted.
  • If the student continues to refuse, the family will be called to pick up the student.
  • If a parent feels their student should not be wearing a mask and does not qualify to do so under the above exceptions, the family should be taking advantage of remote learning.
Student Drop Off
  • Parents drop off at given location, ALL parents are to stay in their vehicles.
  • Grades K-2 drop off at 7:30 AM. Grades 3-5 drop off at 7:45 AM using Main Office (Elkins Street) door.
  • Grades 6-7 drop off at 7:30 AM. Grades 8-10 drop off at 7:45 AM using the High Street entrance.
  • Students dropped off after 8:00 AM are considered late and must enter through the Main Office (Elkins Street) door. Parents MUST call the school when they arrive for a student temperature check.
  • Students will go directly to their classrooms. School breakfast will already be in their classrooms.
Student Pick Up
  • Parents pick up in given location, ALL parents are to stay in their vehicles.
  • Grades K-2 pickup at 2:45 PM. Grades 3-5 pickup at 3:00 PM using the Main Office (Elkins Street) door.

Grades 6-7 pickup at 2:45 PM. Grades 8-10 pickup at 3:00 PM using the High Street exit. Note: if you have students in multiple grades with different drop off/pickup times, please contact
the CCA Office for guidance.

  • Temperatures of 100. or higher, student/staff will be sent home-they can teach or learn remotely.
  • Nurse must be called prior to sending a student to her office.
  • First aid kits are in each room for minor needs.
  • There are two quarantine rooms in the nurse’s office. Students being sent home will exit through the lower nurse door. (where the fenced in area is)
  • Students that receive scheduled medications will go to the Main Office.
  • The school nurse will work with a student’s PCP protocols for high risk students.
  • The nurse will communicate any needs to the classroom teachers.
  • The nurse has final decision making in all health-related matters.
  • All CCA classrooms are set up for social distancing.
    • Barriers are in place if desks/tables are less than six feet apart.
  • All CCA classrooms have air conditioning and air purifiers with HEPA 13 filters.
  • ALL CCA classrooms have a working handwashing sink.
  • CCA will utilize outdoor learning whenever possible and practical.
  • CCA has no soft surfaces, including carpets.
  • CCA will implement full-classroom sanitizing when students are out of the room for other activities, such as lunch.
  • There will be no water fountains available. Students must bring their water bottle.
  • To promote faculty self-care, teachers will have set business hours and will not be available 24/7. Their hours will be posted on the classroom portal.
  • There will be no hand sanitizer provided to students. Over 100 brands have been found to cause skin issues. Each parent must provide the sanitizer that they feel is safest for their child.
  • There will be no music for the first trimester. Music will be revisited at that time.
  • Art – the art teacher will move room to room.
  • Physical Education is still TBD.
  • Title 1- students will move with needed materials.
  • Lunch is in the gym for Kindergarten – 5 to be able to socially distance.
  • Lunch for grades 6 – 10 is still being determined to maximize social distancing.
  • Students will wash their hands in their classrooms prior going to lunch and wash when they return.
  • Each student will clear their own tray, one student at a time.
  • Cleaning will take place between each lunch group.
Special Education
  • Teachers will limit the number of students in small groups.
  • Students will wash hands when entering and leaving the service room.
  • Each student shall have a separate set of materials.
  • Allow time between groups for disinfecting.
Other considerations:
  • CCA has implemented an enhanced daily cleaning schedule includes bathrooms and common areas every two hours; full cleaning of classrooms whenever the room is
  • CCA is hiring a dedicated cleaning person.
  • Meetings with parents will be remote via Zoom or phone.
  • Open House will be remote at this time.
  • School pictures will be done using appropriate social distancing. Remote students will be contacted and a time scheduled for their school pictures.
  • Be prepared for an immediate switch to full remote learning after an identified positive case of COVID-19 to allow for a situational assessment
As the COVID-19 pandemic remains fluid, CCA will have monthly, or more frequent,
situational review meetings to assess an adjust for:
  • Availability of cleaning supplies
  • Staffing
  • Community spread

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